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Japanese & Sushi

Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine that showcases traditional and innovative Japanese flavors and values. Japanese cuisine is about simplicity, and the quality of the ingredients and the Japanese Restaurants in Beaufort give the perfect blend of traditional and fusion Japanese Cuisine.  Beaufort has plenty to offer. Several Japanese restaurants with menus include traditional Japanese favorites such as bento boxes, sushi, ramen, yakisoba, and poke. Beaufort's Japanese Restaurants look to share their cultural dishes along with American-inspired dishes with a Japanese twist. Experience Authentic Japanese food and culture in Beaufort.

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese Cuisines internationally, and it has caught on in America as well. Even though sushi is trendy, it’s popularity continues to grow, as eating raw fish is no longer frowned upon in the US. In Beaufort, several restaurants will serve sushi in delicious ways so everyone can enjoy the different types of sushi, so whether you like it raw, sashimi-style, fried, or chopped up in a poke-style sushi bowl. There is no better way to enjoy eating sushi than eating it while on the coast.