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Downtown Beaufort, SC

Travelers can enjoy the delicious restaurants, exciting nightlife, and 500 years of history in downtown Beaufort, South Carolina. Our downtown area possesses some of the oldest history in South Carolina, along with unique architecture and one-of-a-kind experiences. Visit Beaufort promotes convenient, easy travel by providing options for hotels in downtown Beaufort, SC. With a passion for our area and all it has to offer, we encourage travelers to explore our beautiful city. Learn more about Beaufort, SC hotels downtown with Visit Beaufort.

History of Downtown Beaufort

Downtown Beaufort carries some of the most interesting history in the U.S. It rests on Port Royal Island and includes Beaufort’s Historic District. Established in 1711, Beaufort is home to the second oldest town in South Carolina. The Downtown Beaufort area has endured many significant events in the U.S. history, including:

  • Colonial times
  • The Revolutionary War
  • The Civil War

This is what makes Beaufort such a historical site. Downtown Beaufort became recognized by the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1969. It was then admitted as a National Historic Landmark (NHL) in 1969 and 1973. The buildings in our Historic District come with their own unique architecture, some of which were developed during reconstruction efforts after the war. They also come with a bit of history, so be sure to take one of our historical tours to learn more.

Hotels in Downtown Beaufort, SC

All Beaufort hotels downtown are within walking distance of the main street, allowing vacationers to explore and discover new flavors and activities. We have a variety of bed and breakfasts, hotels and boutique inns in the downtown area for travelers to choose from. If you are looking for something quaint and relaxing, browse our collection of B&B's, which includes:

  • Anchorage 1770
  • North Street Inn
  • Cuthbert House Inn
  • Rhett House Inn

If you’re looking for more of a luxurious experience, we also have a host of hotels that come from reliable, trusted companies, like City Loft Hotel and Best Western Sea Island Inn. Whether you’re traveling with friends and family, or taking a romantic getaway with a partner, Beaufort has much to offer in terms of entertainment, convenience, and new experiences. Visit Beaufort makes it easy for travelers to find and book accommodations. Our team is here to assist vacationers with their travel plans and itinerary. This ensures each client receives an exciting experience that leaves them wanting to return.

Activities in and around Downtown Beaufort

Guests who travel to the Beaufort area can try many fun activities, many of which take place on the beautiful waters of the Beaufort River. Travelers can catch fish, ride boats, or play water sports to pass their time. They can also go on dolphin-watching excursions, which take vacationers to common areas in which dolphins are frequently seen. Other activities that travelers can do include:

Because our hotels in downtown Beaufort are located near the main strip, travelers can also walk to our abundance of restaurants and dining establishments. Here, they can try the unique flavors of our seafood dishes and other selections. Vacationers can also enjoy shopping at the locally-owned downtown stores, or they can venture out to visit Lady’s Island. We also have a farmer’s market in the Port Royal area that runs year-round on Saturdays from 8:30AM to 12PM.

Book Your Vacation with Visit Beaufort

Beaufort, SC is a great place to explore, giving plenty of options for learning, growing, and inspiring. With many activities, accommodations, and dining experiences in the area, travelers can find exactly what they need out of their vacation. To learn more about booking your stay, contact us at Visit Beaufort today.