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On The Beach in Beaufort, Port Royal & Sea Islands

Visiting South Carolina comes with many perks. For example, travelers get to enjoy the delicious seafood flavors at one of many dining establishments in the area. They can also experience the exciting nightlife and go on shopping excursions. However, one of most the notable features of Beaufort, SC, is its beautiful, stunning beaches. Travelers can easily find Beaufort, SC, hotels on the beach through Visit Beaufort, which assists vacationers in crafting the perfect trip itinerary. Learn more about our selection of South Carolina beach motels, hotels, and resorts.


Nestled on an island near the Atlantic Ocean, Beaufort, SC, holds many beaches and natural areas, including:

Hunting Island State Park is one of the most popular beaches in the South Carolina area, offering fishing lagoons and a variety of hiking trails. Here, travelers can experience the beauty of our white sand beaches. With the breeze and shade of the stunning Palmetto trees, vacationers can truly relax and enjoy their time here in Beaufort. Spend your day searching for shark teeth and shells at Sand Beach, many of which are unique to our marine wildlife. This can give you a personal keepsake to remember your travels by.

St. Helena’s Lands End Beach is also home to many dolphins, giving travelers the chance to experience one-of-a-kind events that make for long-lasting memories. Our sunsets on the beaches of Beaufort, SC, are also among the prettiest, meaning everyone can achieve a memorable experience by traveling to the area.

Stay on the Beach

Beaufort, SC, has many beach hotels, motels, and resorts that sit along the coast of beaches in the area, including Hunting Island State Park, Sands Beach, and St. Helena’s Lands End Beach. Other accommodations are within walking distance of these beaches, making them easy to find and travel to. For those looking for a sense of luxury, Beaufort has resorts and retreats located near our beach areas. We also have inns in other parts of Beaufort for travelers who want a cozy, at-home vibe.

If you’re loyal to a specific hotel company, we also have options for brand-name hotels in the area. We provide accommodations for a variety of party sizes. Whether you’re traveling with friends, your whole family, or just your significant other, Visit Beaufort can find the right South Carolina motels on the beach.

Beach Activities & Excursions

There are plenty of activities in Beaufort, SC, to fulfill any beach day needs. If you are traveling to a beach, chances are you’re looking to lie out in the sun and relax – or maybe you want to enjoy the stunning, cool waters for hours of entertainment. Whichever you’re looking for, our beaches have no shortage of beautiful sand and warm sunshine. This allows vacationers to lay out their towels, relax, and soak up some sun.

However, if you’re looking for something more, our beaches also offer activities, excursions, and places to explore. For example, travelers can go fishing or sailing at any beach location. Experienced surfers can also ride the waves at St. Helena’s Lands End Beach. The nature center is also located near Hunting Island State Park, which showcases the natural ecosystem of the area, complete with live animal exhibits. For those looking to cool down after a hot day in the sun, you will love all that our nature center has to offer.

Those who travel to Hunting Island State Park can visit the Hunting Island Lighthouse, taking a tour of the building and learning about history that dates back to the Civil War. Sands Beach also delivers free admission during the day, making this an affordable, exciting activity for families to enjoy.

Plan & Book Your Stay with Visit Beaufort

Visit Beaufort has a passion for our area, working to encourage and promote travel to Beaufort, SC. Partnering with local hotels, motels, and inns, we provide an easy way for travelers to book their accommodations. If you’re looking for a relaxing, fun-filled vacation, Beaufort can be an ideal destination. To learn more about our Beaufort, SC, hotels on the beach, contact us today.