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Beaches in Beaufort, Port Royal & Sea Islands

Explore beautiful beaches and other attractions throughout the Beaufort, SC area. Get in touch with Visit Beaufort for more information. 

Soak up the sun at the beautiful beaches in Beaufort, South Carolina. Relax with friends and family on the warm sand, enjoy the sunrise or sunset, and engage in fun activities at our blissful beaches. The three different beaches in the area each offer something exciting and unique. Discover the various oceanic locations and gain inspiration for spending a day at the beach from Visit Beaufort.

The Beach At Hunting Island State Park

You’ll find one of the most popular beaches in SC just 15 miles east of Beaufort– Hunting Island State Park. Enjoy the breathtaking view of white sand, hiking trails, a fishing lagoon, and the salty ocean waves. This beach site also features miles of greenery and forests to explore. Some unique and exciting things to do at Hunting Island State Park include:

  • Visiting the lighthouse (currently closed): Stand 130 ft above the ground and view the Atlantic coast and forest from the top of the only lighthouse open to the public in SC. Climbing the lighthouse is an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Be sure to check out the gift shop on your way back down.
  • Touring the nature center: A walk through the nature center is a perfect way to cool off after a day sitting in the sun. Explore the live animal exhibits and learn about the beach’s ecosystem. Visiting the center is the perfect activity for kids and adults alike.
  • Relaxing in the sun: The beach at Hunting Island State Park is the perfect spot to lay out a blanket or unfold your chair and relax. Pack some snacks and beverages and spend the afternoon soaking up the sun.

There is something for the whole family to enjoy at the beach at Hunting Island State Park. As one of the top 10 beaches in all of North America, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Sands Beach

Go searching for shark teeth and shells at Sands Beach, located at the southern tip of Port Royal, SC. This beach offers free admission for all during daylight hours and is an excellent spot for local and visiting families to enjoy. The beach also features a distinct layout that allows people to drive up and view the sunset from their cars. Have a picnic from the trunk of your car while flying a kite or shell hunting – there are countless ways to spend the day at Sands Beach.

St. Helena’s Lands End Beach

Land’s End Beach is known for its trail that leads to an open and breathtaking view, where the Port Royal Sound and the Beaufort River meet. Sometimes visitors can catch a glimpse of dolphins playing off the coast at the end of the trail. Lands End Beach is also a great spot to fish while in Beaufort. Some helpful tips to consider when fishing at the beach include:

  • Start in the morning: Get to the beach early to increase your chances of catching fish. Fishing in the morning is ideal because schools of fish are more likely to travel near the coast in the early hours when the tide is high.

  • Be prepared: You will have the most comfortable experience fishing if you wear the proper clothes. Your attire should match the weather forecast for the day. For instance, you need a raincoat for a stormy day and a hat for sunny mornings. Additionally, consider having water or another beverage if you plan to stay out for several hours. If fishing in the summer, don’t forget the bug spray. And no matter the season, be sure to wear your sunscreen!

  • Be patient: The ocean is vast, and it can take a little bit longer to get your first bite than fishing in a lake. Be patient, keep your line in the water, and enjoy the scenic view while you wait.

Stop by this local beach spot during low tide to fish, swim, or just relax. If fishing or walking the trails isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the beautiful view at this precious and relaxing beach site. If you want to center your entire stay around exploring nature, consider searching for camping sites in and around Beaufort, SC.

Embrace The Beauty Of Beaufort, South Carolina Beaches

Make the most of your trip to Beaufort, Port Royal & Sea Islands by absorbing the beauty of nature. The pristine beaches across Beaufort each have something unique and exciting to discover. Contact Visit Beaufort today if you plan to travel to Beaufort or Port Royal for a beach excursion and have further questions.