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St. Helena Island

With its abundant farms and shrimp docks, St. Helena Island, just 5 miles east of Beaufort and part of the Beaufort Sea Islands, offers visitors a glimpse into rural Lowcountry life past and present. St. Helena is home to the Penn Center, one of the first schools for the children of freed slaves the location of a small rural cottage, where Martin Luther King, Jr. drafted his famous “I have a dream speech”.

Downtown Frogmore should be included on any visit to St. Helena Island. The colorful shopsart galleries and restaurants featuring authentic local dishes are not to be missed.

Much of the rural and agricultural land on St. Helena is still worked by native residents, many of whom are descended from slaves; and the shrimping and fishing industries on the island are major contributors not only to the local economy but also to the fine dining enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.