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50 Things To Do

Planning your ideal getaway to Beaufort, Port Royal & the Sea Islands? We've made it easy with our local-approved, top 50 things to do while you're in the Lowcountry. No matter where you're staying, you'll find plenty of tours, activities and unique attractions near you—and chances are, within walking distance of our scenic waterways, too!

Do you have something you love to do when visiting Beaufort, Port Royal & the Sea Islands?  We would love to hear from you!

Penn Center

Tucked in the heart of the South Carolina Sea Islands between glimmering marshes and deep water, nestled beneath the silvery moss-draped limbs of massive live…

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Sheldon Church, formerly known as the Prince William Parish Church, has a tumultuous and eventful history. From its first service in 1757 to its present peaceful…

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