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Find the Best Views in Beaufort, Port Royal, & Sea Islands

When you visit South Carolina, charming scenery and idyllic nature retreats await. Pinpoint the best Sea Island views for your trip ahead of time with Visit Beaufort. Residents and visitors are never too far away from a beautiful view in South Carolina. Whether it's during a sunset walk on the beach or a sunrise jog through the woods, there are many opportunities to soak up the scenery or take advantage of a photo-worthy moment. While planning your trip, make time to enjoy the natural wonders and historic sites in this part of South Carolina. At Visit Beaufort, Port Royal, & Sea Islands, we can help you find some of the most scenic views in the area.

Best Wildlife Views

At Hunting Island State Park, you can stroll among the wildlife with your camera in hand. This is one of the most-visited state parks in South Carolina, but it is free of commercial development and home to many species, including songbirds, turtles, pelicans, ospreys, alligators, raccoons, and deer. Dolphins can even be spotted from the beach. 

Search out the marsh boardwalk located on the west side of the park to experience the wide views while walking out on tidal flats, and try to catch a glimpse of the wildlife that lives in this unique coastal environment. Another feature of the park is the historic Hunting Island Lighthouse, which offers views of the Atlantic Ocean and the maritime forest to those who walk up its 167 steps.

More than 175 species of birds can be found throughout the year at Fripp Island, located only a few minutes from Beaufort, SC. There are plenty of places to stay on this small island that might be ideal for avid birdwatchers, and visitors can take advantage of the trail maintained by the Audubon Club. Throughout the island, travelers can view wildlife in the water, on the land, and in the sky.

Best Landscape Views

Named for the bromeliads that hang from the branches of trees, most often live oak and bald cypresses, the Spanish Moss Trail is a way to gather some of the best views along its 10 miles of beauty. The trail is paved, making it accessible for travelers who wish to walk, run, bike, or fish while taking in the water views, marshy vistas, and lovely forest landscape. 

The Port Royal Cypress Wetlands and Rookery offers long views of the wetlands, with plantings of cypress, tupelo, and other native shrubs to help restore and maintain the balance of nature for the plants, birds, and mammals here. With floating plants, such as duckweed and mosquito fern, visitors can take in the many colors and sounds of this lively landscape. Be sure to walk past the wooden amphitheater and explore the boardwalk scenery, including the busy nesting sites for a variety of bird species during the spring.

Best Sunset Views

End your day in downtown Beaufort at Stephen Elliott Park. This long sunset view includes the Woods Memorial Bridge, spanning the Beaufort River. Another downtown park, Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, provides stunning sunset sights that can be enjoyed from a seat on the wooden swings located near the water. These and other parks in the area are perfect for residents and visitors with families looking to spend some quality time outdoors.

Plan a Scenic Trip to Port Royal and Beaufort, SC

With all the tools available at Visit Beaufort, you should have no trouble planning a visit that includes some of the best Port Royal and Beaufort views. Depending on individual preferences and interests, there are many other attractive sights to take in during your stay in SC, including historic towns and vibrant arts districts. For more information, contact Visit Beaufort, Port Royal, & Sea Islands today.