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More than 17,000 active duty military members and their families live and work in the Beaufort area. In Port Royal, the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island transforms more than 20,000 recruits a year into Marines.

Beaufort & Port Royal are Proud to Host Three Military Bases

Parris Island is home to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot for the Eastern Seaboard. The Island is open to the public for museum visits and guided tours of the base. Visitors to Parris Island are advised to check the website for a calendar of scheduled graduation days and related activities. (when traffic on the base is expected to be heavy).  

Those attending recruit graduations also are advised to view the schedule for visiting times. Lodging for graduation attendees is conveniently located throughout the Beaufort area, depending on the size of the family or group and the accommodations preferred.

There are many pre-and post-graduation activities throughout the community, and military friends and family are welcome to attend.

The Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS)

Beaufort is home to Marine Aircraft Group-31, one of the world's largest aircraft groups.  For more information about MCAS Beaufort please visit:

Naval Hospital Beaufort

The Naval Hospital meets the medical needs of our local Marines and Sailors and their families, as well as the many military retirees who call the Lowcountry home. Attractions at The Naval Hospital include Naval Heritage Park, the National Parks Service's Reconstruction Era Monument, and the historic tabby stone (seashell and mortar) ruins of Fort Frederick, built-in 1732.

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