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Tourism Works

Tourism has a Positive Impact on Each and Every One of Us.

How Does Tourism Work For Our Community?

The benefits of tourism are undeniable. More than one billion dollars in travel-related annual spending is injected into the local economy, which translates into lower property taxes for all residents of Beaufort County.

Tourism not only brings revenue to our county, but it also provides the foundation for our enviable quality of life, creates jobs, improves medical and educational resources and even convinces a fair share of visitors to become full-time residents, relocate their business to the area, or invest in second homes. 

All of these real estate scenarios expand our tax base even further. Beaufort County property tax millage rates are among the lowest in the state, ranked #3 out of 46 counties. These low rates are a direct result of the economic impact of tourism. 

Tourism also has a significant indirect impact on the community. Tourism industry employees use their wages to pay for housing, food, clothing, health care, entertainment, and lifestyle products and services, which means those original tourism dollars are doing double duty. 

While visitors add to community infrastructure and service requirements, tourism impact fees paid by visitors are used to support and maintain many of the resources that both residents and visitors enjoy. Beaufort County boasts endless miles of beaches and waterways, over 40 parks and playgrounds, 35 public boat landings, all paid for in large part by tourism revenue. Without this revenue, the majority of the financial burden would fall upon residents, which could result in reduced and lower quality resources and services.

The benefits are clear. By growing tourism and increasing visitors in Beaufort County we will be able to continue to enjoy the many resources and benefits of our area.