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Iconic Film Locations in Beaufort, Port Royal & Sea Islands

The beautiful views of South Carolina can be seen in a number of popular films. Learn more about which movies were filmed in Beaufort, SC, at Visit Beaufort.

Movie Locations

Port Royal and Beaufort, South Carolina, offer residents and guests scenic views, a variety of resources, and several popular places to visit – all the makings of the perfect backdrop for filmmakers. Our area has served as the location for a variety of well-known films. Let Visit Beaufort be your guide to visiting these iconic filming locations and seeing a piece of cinematic history firsthand.

If you’re visiting Port Royal and Beaufort, SC, in February, be sure to check out the annual International Film Festival.

Famous Movies Filmed in Beaufort, SC

Whether you're looking for comedy, romance, adventure, or drama, several films made their way from South Carolina to the silver screen. Some of the most notable movies filmed in Beaufort, SC, include:

  1. Forrest Gump - Highly regarded as a cinematic classic, Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, follows the life of a man with a big heart. Although the story is mostly set in Alabama, many of the filming locations are set in Beaufort, including:​​​
    • University of South Carolina Beaufort
    • Fripp Island
    • Hunting Island State Park
    • Beaufort River
    • Basil Green Sports Complex
  2. The Big Chill - This film is a tale of friends who are reunited 15 years after college when one friend passes away. Directed by Lawrence Kasdan, this comedy/drama is credited for launching the careers of several actors, including Jeff Goldblum, Glenn Close, and Tom Berenger. Film locations set in Beaufort include Tidalholm Mansion and Bay St.
  3. The Great Santini - Based on the 1976 novel by Pat Conroy, this film tells the story of a boy who desperately wants
    to win the approval of his U.S. Marine Corps father. This movie was one of the first major films made in Beaufort, SC, and can be credited for jumpstarting Beaufort’s reputation amongst filmmakers. The locations found in this film include:
    • Marine Corps Air Station
    • The Historic Point Neighborhood
    • Tidalholm Mansion
  4. G.I. Jane - A tale of true grit and determination, this film is a fictional tale of a woman, played by Demi Moore, who attempts to prove everyone wrong when she undergoes training for the U.S. Navy SEALs. Beaufort’s Harbor and Hunting Islands can be seen in this film during the survival camp scenes.
  5. The Fugitive - With an all-star cast that includes Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, this thriller follows a man attempting to hunt down his wife’s killer – all while being the center of a nationwide manhunt himself. If you look closely, you can see various rural areas of Beaufort throughout the film.
  6. Forces of Nature - This romantic tale, starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck, is a story of a soon-to-be-married man who begins to question whether he is about to wed the right woman after he encounters an intriguing stranger. The Castle on Craven St in Beaufort can be seen in this film.
  7. The Prince of Tides - Receiving seven Oscar nominations, this romantic drama is based on a troubled man that opens up about his suicidal thoughts to his sister’s psychiatrist and ends up falling in love with her in the process. Beaufort’s filming locations that can be seen in this movie include:
    • Beaufort River
    • The Historic Point Neighborhood
    • Fripp Island
    • St. Helena Island

Visit Your Favorite Film Locations Firsthand

Film enthusiasts will love exploring Beaufort’s most iconic film locations. They can be seen while casually vacationing in the area or by taking a guided tour. For more information on South Carolina film incentives and resources or planning your trip, contact us today.