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Fripp Island in Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort, Port Royal & Sea Islands of South Carolina, are home to some of the best islands and towns in the area, including Fripp Island. Couples, families, and large groups looking for the ideal vacation getaway will appreciate what Fripp Island has to offer. Situated as the most seaward of the beautiful barrier islands of SC, Fripp Island is home to several wonder amenities, making it the perfect travel destination for any number of occasions, including destination weddings, group retreats, and reunions

***Please be aware that Fripp Island is a private island and can only be accessed if you are staying at a vacation rental***

History of the Island

With stunning views, it can be easy to forget Fripp Island’s fascinating history. Before Fripp Island was a popular travel destination, it was a point of interest for world travelers. Legend has it that treasure-hunting pirates used Fripp Island as a hideaway after sailing the seas, preying on other ships. Stories of buried treasure located on the island persist. History that can be traced back to the 17th century, Fripp Island was deeded to Captain Johannes Fripp. The development of Fripp Island to what it is known today started in 1961. Currently, there are approximately 1,474 privately owned homes and villas on the island, many of which are used as vacation rental properties for traveling guests looking to indulge in the unique attractions of the island.

About the Area

Designated as a wildlife sanctuary, Fripp Island is home to 3,000 acres of natural beauty, making it an outdoor and wildlife enthusiast’s dream destination. When visiting the area, guests can take in the spectacular views, as well as admire the wildlife that can be found in the area. Fripp Island is home to over 175 species of birds, including brown pelicans, great blue herons, snowy white egrets, and wood storks. Other land wildlife creatures that can be found in these parts include raccoons, alligators, and deer.

The three-and-a-half-mile long and half-a-mile-wide island gives visitors great access to the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean where dolphins can be spotted playing in the water surrounding Fripp Island. Also unique to Fripp Island is the endangered loggerhead turtle that makes the island its nesting ground. Other water wildlife found in the area includes bass, trout, flounder, grouper, and blue crabs.

Things to Do

One of the aspects that make Fripp Island so special is its ability to accommodate just about anyone who visits. There are many restaurants on Fripp Island, as well as an array of things to do, allowing guests to create their ultimate vacations. Choose to add the following activities to your trip to help make your getaway to Fripp Island even more memorable:

  • Golf: Get out on the course and test your skills at either of Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort’s championship courses.
  • Tennis: Work up a sweat or enjoy a leisurely match outdoors at one of Fripp Island’s tennis courts.
  • Fish: Anglers and fishermen can experience great fishing at Fripp Island’s marina.
  • Swim: Cool off from the sun when you decide to take a dip in any one of the five pools located on Fripp Island.
  • Beaches: Visitors owe it to themselves to check out Fripp Island’s beautiful white sand beaches, which offer an excellent escape.
  • Places to eat: Guests can enjoy authentic southern coastal favorites from the various dining establishments and restaurants found on Fripp Island.
  • Outdoor excursions: Take an outdoor adventure while visiting Fripp Island as guests can choose from several different outdoor excursions, including boating and hiking.

Plan a Memorable Vacation to Fripp Island

With so much to do and see, Fripp Island makes for a wonderful getaway when visiting Beaufort, Port Royal, & Sea Islands. Travelers who wish to take in the amazing scenery and experience all that Fripp Island has to offer must first make reservations, as it is a private island only accessible to those staying at a vacation rental. Visit Beaufort can help you plan your visit to Fripp Island, SC, by providing excellent vacation rentals and other places to stay. To learn more about Fripp Island and the numerous attractions it has to offer, please contact us today.