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Visit Lady’s Island in South Carolina

Situated just north of Beaufort, South Carolina, you will find a small community that calls Lady’s Island home. Once comprised mainly of indigo plantations, Lady’s Island quickly developed into a thriving seaside village that makes it an enjoyable travel destination. Perfect for either a weekend getaway or a day trip, Lady’s Island has something for everyone. Learn more about this little slice of paradise and the experiences it can offer from Visit Beaufort.

History of Lady’s Island

Lady’s Island has a long history stemming back to the origins of the United States. Back then, the Coosaw band of Native Americans called this place home, residing on the high ground of Coosaw Point on Lady’s Island. 

Originally called Combahee Island, the island’s name was changed in 1698 by Royal Governor Joseph Blake. He renamed it to honor his wife, Elizabeth Axtell Blake, whose mother, Lady Rebecca Axtell, owned Newington Plantation in present-day Summerville. The island played a significant role in the American Civil War as Union troops occupied many of the area’s plantations under the direction of General T. W. Sherman.

Predominantly rural and agricultural until this point, the first bridge that connected downtown Beaufort with Lady’s Island was completed in 1927. The development of Beaufort and the surrounding areas in the last half of the 20th century pooled into Lady’s Island, as many of its former plantations were turned into residential subdivisions. To provide greater access to the island, a second bridge connecting Lady’s Island and Port Royal was completed in the 1980s.

About the Area

Today, guests can appreciate the substantial residential and business growth Lady’s Island has experienced in recent years. Miles of breathtaking waterfront views and easily accessible community boat ramps have contributed directly to the island’s residential growth. Many of the homes are situated on large pieces of land and feature equestrian farms and maritime forests. Island residents claim to have the best of both worlds — the peace and privacy of rural living just minutes from downtown Beaufort, Port Royal, and the Sea Islands.

Things to Do

One of the things that makes Lady’s Island such a popular destination is all the attractions and activities. Regardless of what type of adventure visitors are looking for, it can be found at Lady’s Island. Some of the most popular things to do include:

Outdoor Activities

There is no shortage of outdoor activities in Beaufort, and Lady’s Island is no exception. Whether it’s hiking, bike riding, swimming, fishing, or simply taking in the breathtaking views, outdoor lovers can get their fix in when they visit Lady’s Island.


No trip to Lady’s Island would be complete without first indulging in some of the culinary dishes that have made this part of the country famous. We welcome guests to celebrate a special occasion at a sit-down venue or grab something quick while they take a break from their adventures.


Guests from out of town are welcome to take a piece of Lady’s Island home with them by visiting the various boutique shops and small businesses in the area. The shops are great for finding unique souvenirs and one-of-a-kind gifts for others.

Plan a Trip to Lady’s Island Today

Guests planning to visit Beaufort, Port Royal & Sea Islands, should add Lady’s Island to their itinerary. With many small island residential communities nearby, such as Cat Island and Distant Island, Lady's Island makes an excellent getaway for a weeklong vacation or one-day trip. Turn to the experts at Visit Beaufort for more insight into the attractions and events at Lady’s Island, South Carolina. We can help you as you plan your visit to the island by recommending the best times to schedule your trip and providing a list of activities that can help make your journey more memorable. For more information about Lady’s Island, SC, and other sites around Beaufort, contact us today.