Tourism Works for BeaufortBack
Beaufort County is ranked
#3 out of 46 counties

Tourism is the
#1 job creator
for Beaufort County.

Tourism generates over $1.3 billion
in annual revenue for
Beaufort County.

Source:  SCPRT/US Travel Assn. Sept 2016, non-government jobs

How does tourism have a positive impact on you? What are the opportunities and challenges as we strive to grow tourism and improve Beaufort County?

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Chat, Ideas, Opinions and Comments

May 15th, 2010:

Nice full page ad today in the Gazette!! Idea for graduates families--if you book a room for two nights-Wed/Thurs--we will give you the third for half off and free pass to Hunting Island for each person staying in the room. Just an idea--I still think these visitors are worth more than normal visitors because they are not bound by a bus or boat in terms of space and food commitments. Specials would fill our motels first since they fill last now because they are higher than the Bluffton motels.









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